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Jonathan Ruiz

Velasquez Press
Jonathan Ruiz is the Director of Business at Academic Learning Company, which operates SealofBiliteracy.org, DualLanguageSchools.org and Velázquez Press.  He is a former English Learner from inner city Los Angeles and has been an advocate of English Learners all this life.  He participated in the Neighborhood Academic Initiative, a program designed to help kids in South Central Los Angeles avoid the pitfalls of gangs, drugs and violence.  After promising to give back to his community at a young age, he helped organize parent development and community meetings, as well as participate in the design and opening of charter schools. His work with Velazquez Press has allowed him to be a part of the grassroots movements like the Seal of Biliteracy and Dual Language, as well as influencing the development of materials that provide support to thousands of English Learners across the country. 
Prior to his role at Velazquez Press he served as an administrator for a charter school system in Los Angeles.