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Ellen Kelleher

Supervisor OEL/SWD
I would like to introduce myself, I am Ellen Kelleher, an educator/administrator/instructional leader specializing in English Learners with Disabilities (ELSWD). If I were to highlight my professional skills and expertise, things that makes me stand out as an instructional leader: I have a firm foundation in Special Education and Bilingual Education. I am bilingual/bicultural, having studied, lived and worked in Spain, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. I speak Spanish as a native and have conversational skills in Portuguese and French. My additional legal experience, having worked as a paralegal and legal translator/interpreter, is definitely an added asset. In my new role in Office of English Language Learners, it is my intention to expand and support the circle of learning partnerships by encouraging an increased collaboration and communication with families, teachers, staff, local agencies and community partners. By creating a community culture that fosters a collaborative, caring climate, I hope to affect a positive change, growth and increase in student achievement.