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Arthur Chou

Velasquez Press
Arthur Chou is a social entrepreneur. He advocates for the biliteracy and dual language school movement to promote educational equity for English Learners, to encourage multilingualism, and yo prepare every student to become a global citizen.
Arthur is the founder and managing director for Academic Learning Company, LLC which operates SealofBiliteracy.org, DualLanguageSchools.org and Velázquez Press. Arthur has helped more than 30 states establish their state Seal of Biliteracy and build an online community for dual language school educators, parents and administrators. He is the publisher of Velázquez Press, which publishes the oldest and largest Spanish and English dictionary based in the United States. Velázquez Press is the preeminent authority of academic language and authentic biliteracy and has sponsored tens of thousands of Biliteracy recognition medals for the Seal of Biliteracy movement. Arthur backpacked in South America in his 20’s and learned Spanish during his travels. Besides Spanish and English, Arthur speaks 4 other languages and has traveled all 50 states and 50+ countries.